‘Britain’s Got Talent’ review: Rosie O’Sullivan, Kelly Fox, Pre-Skool lead wacky show

Britain's Got TalentThis is the weekend of talent … are you ready for it? Today begins the madness with the first edition of “Britain’s Got Talent,” and we have more coming up pretty soon. It may not seem it based on the review ahead, but we rather liked this show: There was little emphasis on dud acts or people who are out to be mocked, save for the one paragraph that we’re about to spend on it.

There was also a “9 to 5”-set montage in this episode, which helped us to raise a pretty interesting question: Why in the world would people with a good job (“orthopedic surgeon” or a “manager”) apply for the show. We can only relate this to the Andy Bernard situation on “The Office”, meaning sometimes, you strive for more and follow your dream. Of course, sometimes these same people need a metaphorical pie in the face to remind them of how good they have it, and we’re sure a few of them feel much happier with their jobs today.

Now, let’s focus on the people who were actually worth advancing to the next round.

Jack & Cormac – We personally find it slightly troubling whenever young teenagers say “we may never get a chance like this again,” mostly because they don’t really know. After all, they’re rather great! The two came out with the typical “aww” remarks, but kicked some serious don’t-matter-what-age-you-are butt with a musical performance that felt like a proper group. They’re getting a jump on this versus “The X Factor,” which is good since who knows how long that series will be around for.

Philip Green – Philip had the misfortune of coming up after that “9 to 5” montage, with the Austin Powers music and talk of him being a body shop consultant. He’s completely insane and acted like he drank a liter of 5-Hour Energy before going on stage. As we said in the preview, this guy would drive us bonkers if we knew him in real life, but he’s fantastically interesting – let’s give him a talk show!

MD – What, no fancy name to go after the “MD” this time? It bugs us in a way to see an act on the show that has been here before in parts, almost like that clog-dancing group “All That” from “America’s Got Talent,” except that show stupidly tried to act like no one would have even remembered them at all. Let this show that these dancers are talented, but also that there are not too many other good dance groups in Britain right now.

Mazeppa Cossacks – We agree with everyone not named Simon Cowell about these Cossack dancers: What is not fun about this? It’s at least different than the trillion other dance acts where we see the same hip-hop moves over and over again. This came at a grumpy period for Simon on the show, where he either buzzed or just complained.

Kelly Fox – It’s inevitable that people are going to like this, and she’s actually one of the better singers over 65 that this franchise has ever seen. However, let’s go ahead and say what is already on your mind: This is the same shtick that Betty White and other older performers have mastered over the years in the “grandma with an edge.” She may get some votes later on this season, but what sort of career is there for a shocking grandma when most people can get this every Christmas or on Mother’s Day?

Pre-Skool – Being a talented act on this show is largely about expectations. For this group of young dancers, it’s all about the factor of saying “how cute” watching them try to strut their stuff. In reality, they’re not that good, and it must be frustrating to a group like MD who has worked much harder, and will lose votes to cute kids. This is the name of the game, though, and they do deserve a shot if the rules dictate that they can be a part of it.

Glambassadors – Look, it’s the more-serious version of the Showbears! We don’t really know what else to say save for the whole “David Walliams” should join them joke. They are good enough to advance, but they ain’t gonna win.

Youth Creation – They’re like putting Pre-Skool and MD in a blender, combining the two styles. Our biggest problem with them is just that there’s about a dozen too many people here, and we don’t like dance groups that are impossible to keep track of all the members.

Rosie O’Sullivan – Rosie had herself a nice voice in her audition, but compared to the Joshua Ledet version of “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” (which is what we will judge the song on until the end of time), it doesn’t hold a candle. She is still likable, and that alone makes her worth rooting for, especially if she gets her confidence up.

We’re sure you have a favorite act from this week and you may agree / disagree with some or our snarky takes, so we want to hear from you! Vote in the poll, leave a comment, and do whatever you like. You can also check out some other highlights from this season.

Photo: ITV

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