‘Grey’s Anatomy’ finale spoilers: Let’s analyze some ‘Perfect Storm’ faces!

Grey's AnatomyYes, it’s that time of year again: Time when we try to figure out what in the world is happening on the “Grey’s Anatomy” finale that Shonda Rhimes will tell us nothing about. Last year, it was all about “who’s going to die in the plane crash.” Judging from the look on a few peoples’ faces in the photo to the left, this year’s episode “Perfect Storm” could be “what happens when you give scared people flashlights at random parts of the hospital.”

On a more serious note, here’s what we know we are going to see: The storm hitting Seattle clearly shuts off power at the hospital, and the doctors have to find a way to help everyone survive. Alex and Jo will play the “will they or won’t they?” game while they are trying to save people’s lives (never a good combination), and Meredith will be fighting for her own as she tries to give birth.

Now, let’s turn to the top three reasons why Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and Callie (Sara Ramirez) look so shocked in the photo above:

1. Callie’s just caught Arizona in a moment of passion with Sara from “White Collar” (yes, we know it’s a different character here), and she’s currently debating either crumbling to the floor or unleashing more white-hot fury than these flashlights can ever hope to generate.

2. They’ve stumbled upon the secret wing of the Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital where the next chapter in the “Aliens” franchise is being filmed.

3. Due to a power surge in the blackout, they’re stunned to discover that one of their patients has gained electromagnetic powers like the villain in the upcoming “Spider-Man.”

4. The Most likely scenario? They’re just stunned, overwhelmed, and devastated by how much work there is to do trying to save the lives of people in need. They want to be heroes, but don’t even know where to start.

In case this photo is not enough for you (and we can’t imagine why that would be), there is also a promo for the episode you can watch here.

Photo: ABC

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