‘The X Factor’ USA notes: Carly Rose Sonenclar, Fifth Harmony, Demi Lovato

X Factor NewsThanks in part to the near-impossible attempt to actually check every box out there when it comes to the world of renewals / cancellations, we really have not had too much of an opportunity to dive headfirst into an “X Factor” story. Now, that changes with gossip over record deals, judges, and Demi Lovato performing at a place that seems to worship one-time Disney stars like Simon Cowell does reruns of “The Flintstones.” (Look it up, people!)

Carly’s record status – We begin with what has to be the #1 question that we are asked time and time again by Carly Rose Sonenclar fans: When is her record deal happening? The simple answer here is, quite frankly, that nobody really knows. She wants it to happen, but there’s a difference between desire and telepathically willing something to pass.

Carly sums up the whole situation better than we could hope in a chat with HollywoodLife:

“[Basically], the first step was getting signed to Simon Cowell‘s company (Syco Entertainment) . Now from here on, it’s about finding the right team, getting in the studio, keeping my fans engaged.”

This, dear friends, is why Carly keeps making cover videos: To keep people excited while she works on getting a deal locked down.

Fifth Harmony on judging rumors – There are two interesting things that come out of this new Fifth Harmony interview with “Access Hollywood.” One, the ladies admits that they are almost done with their new album, which is fantastic since we have heard approximately zero percent of what their new music is. When asked about possible new changes to the judging panel, Normani manages to slip the name “Kelly Rowland” in there while some of the other ladies talked about the likes of Beyonce or Justin Timberlake. We don’t know if it’ll happen, but we wager that Normani has a good shot at being right. In our mind, Kelly’s the favorite right now to land the job alongside Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell.

Speaking of Demi, a quick note to all you Toronto fans (wow, that makes us sound like a DJ): She will be performing at the MuchMusic Video Awards, otherwise known as the MMVAs, on June 16. Some U.S. cable providers are lucky enough to have the channel, and if you’re in Canada, lucky you. Don’t worry: If you miss the show, MuchMusic will repeat it about 200 times over the following week.

In crossing over to the British show for a second, have you heard who the new judge is going to be? Here’s a hint: You’ve seen her around the show before.

Photo: Fox

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