‘Supernatural’ season 8 finale spoilers: Misha Collins, a man with a plan (video)

SupernaturalIf you are a reader in the United States, it’s fair to say that you’ve probably never heard of the station CHCH in your entire life outside of “Supernatural” promos. But isn’t this enough to love them?

What we very much appreciate about what the network puts out there is that they don’t just use the same footage from the American promos to generate their own hype, and while there’s a little bit in there, that’s certainly different than saying “all of it.” This is where the clip below from Wednesday’s super-scary-sounding “Sacrifice” comes into play. Misha Collins’ Castiel looks like he’s about to take down the denizens of heaven like they are baddies in a kung-fu movie, and Jared Padalecki’s Sam looks like he is constantly on the verge of passing out at any given moment.

We also dig that Naomi (Amanda Tapping) is thrown in here, mostly because she presents such a nice dichotomy to what a “Supernatural” villain can be. On one side, you have a woman in Abaddon who is physical, powerful, and terrifying just to be in the same room with. Meanwhile, Naomi fights more with intellect, and can control you in ways that are in which are truly frightening.

We know that not everyone out there feels like this season of “Supernatural” is the finest creation in TV history, and we understand that. Then again, we’ve also heard the same exact complaints year after year when it comes to almost every season past the third one. It’s been a nice step up in quality from last season, and the ratings from this week (tied with “The Vampire Diaries” for #1) are enough to make us buy a classic car, just so we can drive around in it while screaming victory out the window.

Don’t worry: If you are insatiable when it comes to “Supernatural” finale footage, there is a little bit more out there to enjoy.

Photo: The CW

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