Big Brother 25 live feed spoilers: A Jag, Cirie, Matt ‘alliance’

Big Brother 25

There are a few different narratives that are worth following in the Big Brother 25 today, but why not spend some time on Jag?

After all, consider that up until last night, it was a sure thing that he was going to be evicted from the game! However, Matt saving him has created a tighter bond than ever between the two, but what do you decide to do with that? This is where things start to get interesting, and Jag is suddenly in a spot where he can gauge a number of things that are happening around him in the game.

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To be specific here, why not discuss for a moment what is happening when it comes to Matt and Cirie? The two met up with Jag mere minutes ago and established a three-person “alliance,” one that is probably fake to at least two-thirds of the people in it. We do think that Cirie wants to work with Jag for a little while, but only until Cameron / Red and Cory / America are split up. Meanwhile, Jag knows already not to fully trust Cirie and she is one of the architects of the game. Yet, he wants to play along right now know that he needs to do largely wherever he can to stay off her radar right now.

Is he going to be able to do that long-term? That’s doubtful, mostly because of Jag’s tendency to talk too much in the game and play way harder than he has to.

Jared’s debate as HoH

Should he nominate Cameron or try to backdoor him? He has floated the possibility of nominating Bowie Jane and Red in order to put Cameron up later, especially since Cameron is now saying that he doesn’t really want to be a “pawn” alongside Red. We think that Jared will eventually back off this plan, just because it makes things too complicated. Also, what if Cameron plays Veto and takes down Red? Then you’re in a situation where neither one of them go.

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