‘Game of Thrones’ season 3, episode 7 preview: Kit Harrington on confrontation

JonSince we are currently in the three-day period otherwise known as the tornado of TV news, renewals, and cancellations it is hard at times to even focus on some programming that is actually coming up in the days ahead … even something as awesome and jaw-dropping as “Game of Thrones.”

Luckily, this is one of those rare gems of prime-time that is so good, it will hold your attention even if you’re trapped in one of those game tubes with money swirling around you. It’s that good, and this season it’s only been getting better. Jon “you know nothing” Snow, who somehow has managed to find love in the weirdest place imaginable, is still trying to fight the good fight despite being dislocated from first his home and then the Night’s Watch.

So what is his new adversary? It’s not his frozen hair (although that’s got to be uncomfortable) but instead it is “crazy eyes” Orell, the man who tried to cut him off during “The Climb” last week (even if he had a good reason to do so).  These two are clearly not fans of each other, which is why Kit Harrington transports himself into Jon’s head and says the following in an “Access Hollywood” interview:

“Yeah, they really don’t like each other from the get go. … This man’s a threat to him. … I like most people I meet and I try and get on with everybody, but every now and again, you’ll meet someone that really rubs you up the wrong way and I think that’s what they’re like. He’s like, from the moment they meet, ‘You know what? I don’t like you and I’m actually really hoping I get to kill you.’ So we’ll have to wait and see what happens about that.”

Sunday’s episode is entitled “The Bear and the Maiden Fair,” and the first sign that we are in for something awesome is merely that series author George R.R. Martin is actually penning the hour. Want more? Just remember that there are only three episodes left this season, and one of them is so devastating that you are going to want to watch it with a flask of mead.

Also, we welcome all talk on the recent “Game of Thrones” ratings surge here.

Photo: HBO

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