This just in: Brian Williams’ ‘Rock Center’ finally canceled

NBC LogoThere are some situations in entertainment you cannot explain like how Fox screwed up “Firefly,” how “That 70’s Show” aired nearly a full season without Ashton Kutcher, and how “Rock Center with Brian Williams” managed to stay on the air as long as it did. We get that the show probably did not cost much to make, and we also get that Williams seems to be a pretty cool dude with a famous daughter who now has to figure out why Charlie left the show.

NBC announced on Friday that “Rock Center” will not be returning in the fall, which means that the “NBC Nightly News” anchor will be back to doing just that. We beat up on the show a little bit in the last paragraph for having a pretty awful viewership, but in its defense it is not like the show had that great of a chance in the time it was on the air. It was poorly-promoted, was on practically every night of the week thanks to schedule changes, and despite having a large staff in a nice new studio, the show never could get more than just a few interesting stories to bring in non-regular viewers.

So what is Williams going to do with his spare time? We have a few suggestions:

1. Host “Saturday Night Live” again – He was pretty funny the first time.

2. Permanently slow-jam the news with Jimmy Fallon – He is pretty funny every time.

3. Book him as a love interest for Marnie’s mom on “Girls” – Seriously we don’t remember what happened to Marnie’s dad on the show, but this would make our head explode anyway.

4. Team up with Tina Fey for a web series called “30 Rock Center,” where the two stand in an elevator and complain about NBC.

“Rock Center” is hardly the only cancellation of the day for NBC. Ask “Go On.” Or “Whitney.” Or any of the other comedies not named “Parks and Recreation,” “Community,” or possibly “The New Normal.”

Photo: NBC

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