ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 2 finale video: Emily finds [spoiler] dead

RevengeLast week on “Revenge,” we basically saw Aiden become the show’s version of Charlie Sheen. He became completely unhinged after watching much of his world crumble (and Emily’s fake relationship with Daniel reach another level),  and he sunk into what we personally believe was full-fledged meltdown mode. While he had motivation to take out the traitor Takeda, why in the world do you not tell Emily about it? You trained with her using the crazy weapons, for pete’s sake!

In the sneak peek for Sunday night’s finale “Truth,” Emily and Nolan have the unfortunate circumstance of coming across her former teacher’s body themselves, without knowing who killed the man and/or why. Thus, a massive conspiracy begins to figure out what happened. This entire scene plays out like you’re watching one of those corny horror flicks where you know that something absolutely horrible is going to happen, and so you shout “DON’T GO IN THERE” to the idiot wandering around the house late at night by themselves. We know who the killer is, and we almost feel like spoiled brats for not sharing the secret to the characters.

What makes this Aiden situation particular horror movie-scary is that we know a major character is going to die, and both Aiden and Nolan could be candidates for the position six feet under. And to think… if had Aiden been honest none of this would be so dramatic, and even if Emily agreed with the methods, she would not be on anywhere near as much of a downward spiral as she is due to not having any information at all.

You likely want to know why the finale is entitled “Truth,” and while we don’t have an answer to that, there is a sneak peek here that could delight and/or frustrate you even more than the Initiative plot has this season.

Photo: ABC

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