‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 8 finale spoilers: Early season 9 plans!

How I Met Your MotherIt’s never too early to start talking about the new season of a show, right? We like to think so, especially when this very show is something like “How I Met Your Mother” that has you pounding on your nearest table while exclaiming “I want answers!”. Be honest: You’ve probably turned into this sort of demanding cave person at least once.

The truth is, it makes no logical sense for there to be a season 9, even if we are excited to see it happen. The timeline right now is a couple of weeks before the Barney / Robin wedding, which is where Ted meets the mother of his children. Are they planning out the rest of the show in slow motion or something? Or are they going to the future before jumping back to the past?

The only people with the answers are the brains of the operation, and one of them is Carter Bays. Speaking to OK! Magazine, the series co-creator gave an excellent “this is as much as I’m willing to give away” answer on the road beyond Monday night’s finale:

“We have a plan for Season 9 that is, as I said, relatively new and it was born, at first, as a Plan B for if we got a Season 9.  But ultimately, the idea has blossomed into so much more than that—to our minds, it’s the perfect way to wrap up the series for all our characters.  By telling the story in a different way for Season 9 (sorry I can’t be more specific, no spoilers!), we get to challenge ourselves as writers and try something new without sacrificing the core of what HIMYM is about.  And as a viewer, you’ll never mistake a Season 9 episode for one of any other season, which we love.  We hope the fans like it.  We’re pre-emptively nostalgic and wistful and miss it all already”

Exciting and frustrating at the same time, no? In between this and the ten-second teaser that we have here, they are probably not going to make you feel any more satisfied then you feel right now. Just don’t start pounding on your table so hard that you leave a dent in it.

Photo: CBS

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