‘True Blood’ season 6 premiere spoilers: Alexander Skarsgard’s very bad day

True BloodHBO has just unveiled some new snapshots of the June 16 premiere of “True Blood,” and there are a few quick takeaways: Everyone is still brooding, Lafayette still likes bright clothing, and that Eric Northman looks more beaten and downtrodden than usual.

If you are the sort to base an entire storyline on just a photo, then the image to the left almost assuredly makes you assume that Alexander Skarsgard’s character has just went through one of the worst days of his life. He’s bloodied up, and not in a good way that vampires like. Even Pam is mustering a look of concern that she only has for a few select people.

It’s pretty easy to understand why the glint in Eric’s glint eye is even more driven / dangerous than usual. The dude just saw his partner-in-bloodsucking-dogoodery in Bill Compton drink the blood of Lilith and become some sort of twisted vampire demigod! One of the promos released already for the show suggested that one of Bill’s new powers will indeed be the ability to put on clothes and not look like a mess, but he’s still a major concern and a serious threat.

True BloodAs for one of the other notable images, Sookie Stackhouse has managed to find the wrinkliest shirt of all time to wear following her own bloody adventures in the Vampire Authority. The poor woman has been through so much already, and it’s about to somehow get even worse when she sees Bill again (not to mention the fact that her brother is going to take on one of his crazy sprees of violence against vampires).

The will be blood on “True Blood” season 6, and it’s not just going to be the kind that vampires will enjoy. Someone important will die this year, and you can read even more about that over here.

Photo: HBO

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