Power Book IV: Force season 2 episode 2 promo: The new Flynns

Power Book IV: Force season 2

As we prepare to check out Power Book IV: Force season 2 episode 2 on Starz next week, you should prepare for some more changes! Of course, with that also come some questions … including just how many changes we’re talking about.

First and foremost, we should go ahead and say that the Flynn family dynamic is never quite going to be what it was. Take, for starters, Claudia getting a promotion to effectively run things. Why is that happening? Well, there could be a handful of different reasons for it. Walter may know that he is hemorrhaging money, and he needs someone else who could legitimately turn it around.

However, is it also possible that Claudia is being set up for a fall here? Given all the serious trust issues that we’ve got with this family outright, we wouldn’t be shocked at all in the event that we end up seeing Walter stab her in the back if it means that he gets to live another day. We just wonder what happens with Vic in the midst of yet another family feud.

If there is one big thing that the promo for episode 2 teaches us, it’s that people within this world just can’t get along. There’s always something in the way, whether it be ego, distrust, or simply the delusion that nobody can do a job as good as they can. It is a part of what makes this world so interesting, but also at the same time so unpredictable. We do love the show for its propensity to surprise, and we are sure we will get more of this!

The only real question mark we have outside the main story is the timeline — it seems like it’s only been months since Ghost’s death on this show. With that, we have to think that Tommy’s most-recent appearance on Power Book II: Ghost is further in the future, right?

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What do you most want to see moving into Power Book IV: Force season 2 episode 2?

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