Big Brother 25 live feed spoilers: BB Power of Invincibility players

Big Brother 25

Who took part in the Big Brother 25 – BB Power of Invincibility Competition today? It is a little bit of an ongoing mystery.

Before we dive any deeper here, let’s start off with what was announced in advance. Viewers voted over the past several days (until Monday) for four people to take part in some sort of competition. The winner receives this mystery power, which we know can cancel either this week or next week’s eviction. Throughout the day, they have all been summoned outside the house — the competition is probably somewhere else on the lot, and they are trying to keep people out roughly the same time to ensure no one figures anything out. They are also being called in alphabetical order.

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So who played? Well, at the time of this writing, Cirie has already confirmed to Izzy that she was chosen, but she also doesn’t think that she did a particularly good job at it. Meanwhile, Jag did make a subtle smile towards the camera at one point that makes us think that he got chosen. That would make sense given he is in danger. Jared told Cirie he didn’t get it and that’s easy to believe.

Our prediction going into this was that Jag and Cirie would likely be picked along with Matt and either America or Cory — a lot depends on if casual viewers or superfans are the main voting block.

What do we know, based on 11:15 p.m. Big Brother Time?

Still, some other players are not 100% confirmed. Cirie did thank America at one point privately, which some are using as evidence of a win … but is it really?

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