‘Supernatural’ season 8 finale spoilers: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles’ negotiation

SupernaturalWho doesn’t love a good negotiation? Think of the clip below from Wednesday night’s “Supernatural” finale as an episode of “Shark Tank,” except with the potential for blood, battles between heaven and hell, and promises to keep loved ones from being murdered. All well and good, right? Oh, and we also forgot to mention that there is no real shark here … just a couple of guys willing to rip off a couple of heads.

The terms are laid out on the table are pretty clear between the Winchester brothers and Crowley. He wants Sam to give up on the trials for good, mostly because he knows that the last one is going to involve something happening to him that he is admittedly not much of a fan of at all. Meanwhile, he proposes in return that the two parties swap tablets, and that he will stop killing just about everyone that the Winchester brothers have ever loved. (Poor Sarah Blake…)

With Crowley, though, there is always a wrinkle, and this one comes in the form of one of those ridiculously long contracts that you see in a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Dean knows that Sam is a little insane in the membrane right now, and the last thing in the known world that he wants to see his brother do is sign a contract that he is not even close to being mentally-prepared enough to handle. This leads to some classic schoolyard Crowley taunting, and then … title card! That’s all, folks, except for a hope that this will be a great way to end season 8.

If you’re not satisfied by this sneak peek, we don’t know if watching another promo will do the trick. Regardless, you really should do it anyway.

Photo: The CW

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