Surprise! ‘Nikita’ season 4, ‘The Carrie Diaries’ season 2 official as CW renews both

The CW LogoWe don’t quite know how this happened, but The CW has managed to successfully go through the month of May without angering any diehard TV fans. Not only is this rare, it may very well be a modern-day miracle worthy of fans singing praises to the TV gods (i.e. programming heads).

Let’s start with what you probably saw coming: “Nikita” will be back for a season 4. While the show literally draws less that 10% of the 18-49 demographic held by “The Walking Dead” on cable, it somehow is the little engine that could on Friday nights. The fans are loyal, well loyal enough that Mark Pedowitz did not want a war on his hands. (The CW already has a small enough fanbase worth giving this a proper ending.) This renewal is not for a specific amount of episodes yet, but it will not be a full season. Instead, expect a “Gossip Girl” 2.0 situation where the show is given just enough time in order to properly wrap up the story. Take it as a final pat on the back from the network (similar also to what NBC did with “Chuck”), who cannot be making a ton of cash on this anymore.

In much more shocking news, The CW also developed a certain affection for “The Carrie Diaries” and also renewed it. We whole-heartedly believe that the “Sex and the City” prequel would have rated even worse than “Nikita” had it aired on Fridays, but it’s getting a second shot anyway for all lovers of this alternate universe of Carrie Bradshaw. Its saving grace? Apparently, it rates rather well on Hulu.

We’ll find out when exactly both of these shows will air during the CW upfront presentation, which takes place next week in a city that Carrie would eventually call home: New York City.

In case you hadn’t realized why we were really sweating over the future of “Nikita,” just take a look at the ratings from last week. Trust us: You’ll understand completely.

Photo: The CW

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