ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 2, episode 21 review: ‘Who is the mole?’ revealed

ScandalWith just one more speech from Olivia Pope, the entire world on ABC’s “Scandal” once again managed to flip on its head . Come on, be honest: You in no way saw that coming.

Out of all of the crazy suspects as to who the mole could be on this show, we do not honestly remember the name Billy Chambers coming up once. It didn’t need to. The man was presumed dead, and this is not some Robert Kirkman zombie drama where people can reanimate themselves and start looking for brains. Instead, we put our focus on such people as Charlie or David Rosen, expecting the pendulum to somehow turn towards then.

It took the final few minutes of the episode for everything in this story to finally come together, since the story was to be failyr preoccupied with more of the same Olivia / Fitz soapiness. In some ways, this story is infuriating. Just when we start to feel as though Shonda Rhimes is finally set to lift the veil, she closes it back again. We still have no clue whatsoever if these two are ever going to be together, and to make matters worse, Olivia more or less encouraged it here in telling Fitz to not give up on his dream of being in office. Mellie still has the dirt on who the other woman really is, but she hasn’t revealed it to the world. Why? As John Barrowman (the dark archer!) pointed out, she was still in love with him. The heart can be a tricky thing sometimes.  Mellie may still legally have a husband, but does she really have any power? As frustrating as this story with her may be at times, moments like this make it truly worth it to watch.

We’re not going to leave you hanging her when it comes to finale scoop: You can check out some of the first teasers on the future of this mole storyline over here. We also want to hear all of your thoughts on this episode below!

Photo: ABC

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