Only Murders in the Building season 3 episode 5: EP talks Loretta

Only Murders in the Building season 3

At this point, it feels pretty darn clear that Only Murders in the Building season 3 episode 5 was pretty huge for Meryl Streep’s character of Loretta. On one level, we did get what felt like a fantastic romantic connection between Oliver and Loretta. We want to feel like that is genuine.

So what is complicated about it? Well, the simple fact that Loretta is hiding a big secret about Ben Glenroy. What is it? We have speculated already that this character might actually be the victim’s mother, or at least some other relative. She has held on to newspaper clippings from much of his life, and this does not feel like someone just studying for a role. Given that we have also seen one obsessed fan so far this season, it also feels like this is something a little different.

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Of course, showrunner John Hoffman can’t say too much about the connection between Loretta and Ben — however, he did tell The Wrap in an interview coordinated under WGA strike guidelines that there was something really fun about pairing Short and Streep up. As a matter of fact, the legendary actress even thanked him for a storyline:

“It’s pretty unexpected to imagine a pairing of Meryl Streep with Martin Short and watch them find this incredible connection together and, as Meryl said, to not have it be twee or about the age or about any of that. It’s just a beautiful romance that you buy, I think because of who these two characters are. But then you see Marty step up in ways that are incredible and nobody works harder at it, comes in with more intelligence to the work and then to watch him have these scenes that break your heart and have to be played with such dramatic poignancy, riding the line of keeping it comedic, keeping it mysterious… I’m amazed.”

Of course, we are prepared still for a heartbreaking end here based on whatever secrets Loretta may have. Also, romances don’t tend to work too well within the world of this show. Just remember for a moment here that Charles and Joy’s engagement is over, and we’re not too optimistic for what’s happening with Mabel and Tobert at the moment.

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