‘Glee’ season 4 finale review: A shocker for Heather Morris’ Brittany, and a wedding!

Glee“Glee” wrapped up its fourth season on Thursday in a way that only it could: With singing! There were original songs, “shockers” that you probably saw coming a mile away, and Brittany S. Pierce having a meltdown that Sue Sylvester is pouting in jealousy about.

The Heather Morris storyline is something that seemed tailor-made for some of the tabloid headlines about her, given that she is several months pregnant. What better way to get rid of the character for a while than have her leave McKinley High for early admission at MIT? There is little doubting that this is a story as ridiculous and over-the-top as they come, but strangely also appropriate for the show. After Brittany fans formed a legion of doom over her not graduating last season, it only seems appropriate that she would be involved in a storyline that would celebrate her suddenly-superior intellect straight out of “Good Will Hunting.”

Also, we should make it clear that we see it as being extremely unlikely that Morris leaves the show never to return. She will probably be back for the second half of next season depending on when she gives birth, and she could even make an early fall appearance depending on how she feels. (It was nice for there to be a Brittana moment mixed in here as a way to say goodbye.)

Interesting, the show set up a similar situation for Blake Jenner’s Ryder, which makes us sad that he likes the character. After learning in the least-stunning news ever that Unique was the one catfishing him, he announced that he was going to be leaving the glee club after the competition. We don’t think that this will last, but it gives Murphy flexibility of the worst kind.

What was perhaps the most surprising was how little of Rachel Berry there was in here. Why no Lea Michele almost for the entire week? Save for the “Funny Girl” audition, there was little content here while New Directions ended up preparing for their big victory at Regionals.

In conclusion to this episode, there was really far too much going on for it to feel satisfying in the end. There were tiny teases of Kurt and Blaine’s possible reconciliation, and that was it. We almost wish that this bipolar show would either make up its mind on a location, or just create two separate shows!

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