‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 4, episode 22 review: Is [spoiler] actually dead?

The Vampire DiariesWell, they didn’t call it “the Walking Dead” for nothing.

Outside of having a really sweet title that made us imagine that Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln were going to suddenly start shooting people (hey, it shoots in Atlanta as well), “The Vampire Diaries” this week was really all about how far someone will go in order to make the dead come back to life. In this case, that “dead” person was really Jeremy, and it was Bonnie that wanted to do anything in her power to have him rise from the grave.

After all, this makes sense. She genuinely loved the guy at one point, and Elena never even had a chance to properly say goodbye. We don’t want to necessary re-hash every single person who came back since you may have watched the episode already, so we will thus leave this to a few simple bullet-points:

1. Kol was just as awesome as ever, and there is a huge part of us that wishes that Julie Plec would keep him alive permanently just so we can see what other sort of antics he could get himself into.

2. Rebekah has made such a great living off of being scorned, it’s almost hilarious that a certain member of The Five would be feeling the same way toward him.

3. The bromance between Alaric and Damon continues! Well, at least until Matt Davis disappears again. (Tear.)

Finally, the biggest thing we have to mention here is the (death?) of our favorite witch. We don’t know if Bonnie’s passing will be forever, but she learned a valuable lesson here that her witch relatives have been trying to teach her for years: It’s not so much of a good idea to keep running around casting spells willy-nilly – there are consequences.

Do you think that Bonnie is dead, and what do you think is going to happen in the finale? Just in case that this is not sad enough news for you, you can also check out the link here if you haven’t heard the sad news revolving around Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev’s relationship.

Photo: The CW

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