Big Brother 25 live feed spoilers: Pressure Cooker HoH aftermath

Big Brother 25

Early this morning in the Big Brother 25 house, we saw the Pressure Cooker – HoH Competition finally wrapped up. So what does it mean for the nominations this week?

Well, let’s just say this — when the competition wrapped up, it appeared as though there were a ton of different possibilities. However, has a plan already been solidified here for the week?

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Here’s where what we can see at the moment — Jag and Blue are most likely going on the block by Cameron, which is a move that both makes sense and doesn’t at the same time. It is true that Jag would’ve been gunning for Cameron and Red had he won, but Felicia just put him on the block and that side is clearly just using him for now. The best move he could probably make is just nominating Izzy, who seems ready to rally the house against him at just about any point and with some other people, he could probably make a deal with him. Jag and Blue, for example, could be a little more amenable than she would be.

If those two go on the block, Jag is almost certainly the target and if he wins Veto, we tend to think that we are going to see the replacement nominee be Jared. Even if noms stay the same, consider this: Would Cirie rally to get Blue out to ensure that Jared’s showmance is not a part of the game anymore? It would be hilarious!

In other news…

Well, let’s just say that America and Cory should be safe after America made a deal to throw the HoH to Cameron in the end. (Matt may have also been included.) Cory also told America today that his brother Zach was on Survivor, and she didn’t seem to care. Just in case you needed another reminder that they are close, this is it. (We personally love them — we don’t tend to ‘ship players, but they make it hard sometimes.)

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