‘Supernatural’ season 8, episode 22 review: The third trial, Castiel’s quest

SupernaturalWhile there have been some uneven moments if you look back at “Supernatural” season 8, we ultimately have to say that the episode airing on The CW Wednesday night really did a great job of bringing out everything great that Jeremy Carver has offered since becoming showrunner. Not only was there a great sense of action and peril, but there were times in “Clip Show” that felt like a genuine throwback and love letter to the show’s early days.

With that being said, it was not always of the positive variety. Take, for example, Taylor Cole’s return as Sarah Blake. The actress from the show’s very first season resurfaced as a part of what Crowley is considering to now be his reign of terror, as he tried to kill just about everyone that was ever close to Sam in an effort to hinder him from completing his trials. Has this deterred him? Not exactly, though devastation is never something that is particularly great to see.

While all of this was going on, Castiel and the scribe were embarking on a rather interesting quest of their own to try and re-take heaven. How bizarre are we talking about here? Let’s just say that one of the early missions was for the two of them to try and kill the child of an angel and a human. In some ways, the show does shine in having characters that you do like nonetheless do dark things.

The stage was set in the end here for a heck of a finale: It is a massive stand for the Winchesters against Crowley, and as it turns out, he also happens to be the third trial. Meanwhile, Castiel’s quest to stop Naomi and take back Heaven is now in full gear.

Do you think that “Supernatural” has managed to set the stage well for what should be a pretty incredible finale? Be sure to share what you think below, and you can also head on over to the link here if you want to read some more early scoop on the finale.

Photo: The CW

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