‘Best Ink’ season 2, episode 6 preview: Ali faces off against … herself

Best InkThere are some reality shows (“The Bachelor,” “Big Brother” if you’re playing a strategic game) where being vulnerable can definitely come with a unique set of advantages. However, we are pretty sure that “Best Ink” (airing Wednesday nights at 10:00 p.m. Eastern on Oxygen) is not one of those shows.

If you are a tattoo artist, there is one thing that a client wants to see from you above all else: Confidence that you’re going to do a good job. It doesn’t matter if they give you an amazing piece in the end, because if you sense just the slightest tinge of nervousness during the process, you’re probably not going to come back. Even if you get a good piece, odds are that you may just attribute it to luck.

In some ways, we understand where the insecurity from Ali is coming from this season. She’s surrounded by talented people, and despite never being in the bottom, the big personalities can be intimidating. Couple that with this week focusing on a Blood Puddin’ tattoo popularized by show judge Joe Capobianco, and there is a genuine reason to panic. If just one thing goes wrong, he’s going to rip you to shreds. Ali is already getting paranoid in the preview video below, and it is just based on the fact that there were some problems with her design. We’re sure that she’s a great artist in real life, but being in front of cameras and wanting to come across as a good artist can really bring you down.

Somehow, we still have a feeling that Ali could find a way to stay safe this time around despite her fears. While we don’t think that she is above DJ or Teresa, the two best artists in the competition, Jerod and Derek seem to be just hanging on for dear life right now.

Do you think that confidence matters at all if you still put out good work in the end? If you want to check out our most-recent episode review, be sure to hit up the link here.

Photo: Oxygen

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