‘Hart of Dixie’ season 2 finale review: Wade declares his love for Zoe, did she go back?

Hart of DixieOn tonight’s season 2 finale of “Hart of Dixie” we found ourselves in a very familiar situation: Zoe is in bed with Wade and George walks in to talk to Zoe about his feelings for her. So where do we go from here?

Zoe and George: Zoe finds out about Tansy leaving George (after he shows up at her place to find her in bed with Wade once again) and she goes to talk to him.  He tells her that she’s meant to be with Wade, so any thought of them giving a relationship a try is just a fantasy.

Zoe and Wade: After Zoe’s night with Wade, she feels that she made a mistake, but Wade is pretty happy thinking that maybe they’re reconciling (or at least doing something casual together). Zoe realizes she needs some distance from both Wade and George and accepts an invitation to go to a wedding in New York.

Lemon: After Lemon’s friends in her snooty club give her grief for running a dive bar like the Rammer Jammer she claims that she is changing the face of the bar by having Gloriana play there, but really she hasn’t booked them at all. Things get really out of hand when Lemon’s snooty friends start promoting Gloriana’s gig at the Rammer Jammer all over town. Lemon finds a way to bribe Gloriana to meet with her about playing the Rammer Jammer, but she realizes that she needs someone who knows about music to help seal the deal and asks Wade to come to the meeting. On their way to the meeting Lemon is all business, but Wade can’t focus on anything else except Zoe. When Wade finds out that Zoe is only 20 minutes a way, he turns the car around and misses the meeting with Gloriana to tell Zoe how he feels about her.

While on the road Wade gets lucky and finds Zoe, so he opens his heart to her and tells her that he’s grown into the man that he wanted to be for her. He tells her that he’s ready to be there for her and that he’s in love with her. She tells him that she feels the same, but that she needs some time and distance to think about things.  He says okay expecting her to be back after the weekend, but she tells him that she’s going to be staying in New York for three months – he’s happy to wait for her.

As for Gloriana, their manager decides to book the gig at the Rammer Jammer even though Lemon never showed up for the meeting.

Do you think that Zoe will end up with Wade or George? Leave us a comment and tell us what you thought of the finale of “Hart of Dixie” season 2.

Photo: CW

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