Ted Lasso spin-off: Hannah Waddingham still wants it

Ted Lasso season 3

We are months removed now from the end of Ted Lasso season 3 and still, the discussion about a spin-off still remains.

Are there multiple ideas out there for what such a show could be? Sure, but the most obvious one was tied into the season 3 finale, where Keeley pitched Rebecca on the idea of AFC Richmond having a women’s team. It would allow some characters from the original show to appear here and there, while also welcoming a new crop at the same exact time. Also, we tend to think that a new show could help to bring this whole universe back to glory — season 3 had a number of great moments, but was also overly stuffed at times and had a polarizing ending.

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Speaking to the Los Angeles Times prior to the SAG-AFTRA strike, Hannah Waddingham herself indicated that a spin-off is something she is very much interested in doing:

“When Juno [Temple] and I read that, we didn’t know how we wanted to convey our excitement about the potential of that … [In the script] I was meant to look up from the folder and just be like, ‘Oh, it’s on.’ But we couldn’t contain our excitement. So if you look at it, we do have a moment of ‘Aghhhh!’”

Of course, the actress also recognizes that nothing within this world is guaranteed:

“The hard part is the fact that unless I play her, Rebecca doesn’t exist anymore. And I want to see her through … If you are left at a moment with the character, you want to see them through that moment. Does it work with her and the Dutchman? Does she have a female league? I mean, I hope so! It feels like it’s finished but not finished, because none of our lives are.”

If there is a spin-off, it likely will not be for some time. The creative team indicated following the end of the original series that they did need a little bit of a break and beyond that, we don’t think any idea will be pursued until once the WGA strike is over — and unfortunately, there is no timetable for that right now.

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Do you think there is a chance that we see a Ted Lasso spin-off at some point down the road here?

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