‘Homeland’ season 3 spoilers: Where could Carrie and Saul be headed?

Claire DanesWhile “Homeland” season 2 was largely set in America, there were a few scenes during the premiere that did revolve around Carrie overseas. So are we set to see her, Saul, or someone else in the CIA traveling around the world again? Based on some of the details that we are hearing now from the second episode of season 3, it is indeed possible.

According to a report from SpoilerTV, the second episode of the season is going to be entitled “Tower of David,” which is best known as an ancient Citadel in Jerusalem. There are some other uses of the name around the world, but this is the most prominent. Plus, it feels almost as though the Middle East is the perfect setting for the series given all of the political unrest and threats of terrorism in some of those countries. (Plus, there seems to always be some sort of conflict in Israel.)

There are also some new roles currently being cast for this episode. Producers are currently looking for a young woman of Persian descent, in addition to a reporter for the Washington Post (which suggests to us that someone is going to have some explaining to do). We don’t know if these roles are going to be more prominent than just an episode or two, but we will watch and see where some of the story threads go from this point on.

There is no questioning that “Homeland” has a difficult journey ahead for it. The show has to find a way to continue producing a high level of content despite having Claire Danes and Damian Lewis seemingly separated, just as it also has to deal with heightened expectations after winning the Emmy for Drama Series.

If you want to see some more characters that are being cast for the “Homeland” season 3 premiere, all you have to do is pay a visit over to the link here.

Photo: Showtime

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