‘Game of Thrones’ season 3 spoilers: Where is Bran Stark’s story going?

BranWith a series such as HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” there are many mysteries, and one of them at the moment is coming courtesy of trying to understand just what in the world is going on with Bran Stark. We are slowly starting to learn that the child has some sort of power, but is really unable to harness it for much of anything outside of seeing the occasional vision.

So is this going to change at some point? If you have read the books, then odds are that you already know what the answer to this question is. We don’t want to dish out any sort of major spoilers, and thanks to that we’ll keep the answer to this question pretty close to the vest. However, we have no problem sharing some of what one of the people spending quite a bit of time with Bran these days has to say about the character: Ellie Kendrick, who plays Meera Reed. Speaking to “Access Hollywood,” she went as in-depth as possible about Bran’s future story, while at the same time keeping enough things under wraps to keep fans hoping to remain reasonably unspoiled satisfied:

“Well, Bran has this very special talent that — as you find out throughout the series, it’s far greater than anyone had anticipated and it turns out to be a real gift. … Even if you read all the books that are out at the moment, you still don’t know what happens to him, but suffice to say, in the books, he goes on a very long journey to kind of find out how to use his powers and how to explore the gift that he’s been given and it turns out that it’s really something quite spectacular.”

While Bran’s journey may thus far feel almost as though it has been one of the more underwhelming ones of the season thus far, it is going to pick up beyond him just wandering around with a few other characters. Sometimes, it is all about the buildup; take, for example, what we are getting from Jon Snow now.

If you want to know what some of the events in next week’s “Game of Thrones” are going to be, just be sure to check out the story over at the link here.

Photo: HBO

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