VC Andrews’ Dawn season 2: Is it renewed? Darkest Hour hopes

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Following tonight’s finale on Lifetime, are you hoping to see a VC Andrews’ Dawn season 2? Or, at the very least, Darkest Hour?

One of the more interesting things about this four-part series is, quite simply, that they ordered four adaptations and not the fifth. Because of this, there is still this one other project still lingering out there. We should note that last year, Lifetime indicated in a press release that Darkest Hour was “in development.”

So are going to have a chance to still see that someday? We don’t think you can rule out the possibility, but we’re sure that a certain part of it is going to be heavily influenced on how the original limited series fares. There’s also another question of whether or not you tell the story of the remaining novel in a TV movie form, or try to extend it outward into something more.

What we will at least say here is that it was a fascinating choice for Lifetime to air all of these installments on Saturday nights, a move that was clearly designed to try and get more attention to some of their works when it may not have gotten it otherwise in a more crowded field. Also, casting Brec Bassinger was also fairly smart since she was coming on board with an audience already thanks to her work as Stargirl.

For the time being, our advice (rather generic as it may seem) is to make sure you recommend the first four parts to some of your friends. We are in an era of television at this point where life television is only one piece of the puzzle, and there is a lot more that goes into whether or not you get something more at this point. It is about streaming, overall budgets, and also the viability of future properties. There are more factors that go into these decisions than ever.

Do you want to see a VC Andrews’ Dawn season 2, or at the very least Darkest Hour?

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