ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 2 spoilers: When will Mellie lift the veil on Fitz, Olivia?

ScandalLast week on “Scandal,” we really learned for the first time that Mellie is more than just a power-hungry First Lady. She also happens to be someone who has no problem whatsoever when it comes to making good on some of her threats. After blowing the lid off of the fact that her husband has been involved in an affair, including the fact that it was right around the time that she gave birth, the question now remains whether or not she will disclose the rest of the story that she is holding back … and when.

Want to know an answer to that? Well, Bellamy Young is of course being rather coy and not saying whether or not Mellie will drop the bomb on Olivia Pope being the mistress to the Commander-in-Chief this season. Rather, the actress explains to E! News that this revelation is almost a card that she is holding very close to the vest, that way she can play it at any time to suit her needs:

“That fact, that truth, is her last play … She’s going to be very judicious about how, when and where she lays that card on the table.”

With this in mind, we imagine that Mellie will make her decision based by and large on when she wants to really devastate Fitz, and if he continues to be one of the most awful people imaginable to her. We can’t imagine that there is anyway that the public is going to support him after this, and with that in mind, he has made in many ways the ultimate sacrifice of his mistress over his family and his career. (It’s not really an admirable sacrifice, no?)

Do you think that Mellie is going to reveal the truth before the end of this season? If you want to check out a preview for Thursday night’s penultimate episode of “Scandal” season 2, be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: ABC

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