Loki season 2: The impact of Secret Invasion finale

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Should we already be having a lot of serious conversations about Loki season 2 over at Disney+? We recognize that from one vantage point, the idea of this probably feels rather crazy.

However, isn’t there an interesting case to be made for it on some level? Think about it like this — Tom Hiddleston and the rest of the cast will be back in just over two months, and we do realize that in some ways, this is a show doing its own thing and is set within a different corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is dealing with variants so much more than it is dealing with Skrulls.

Now that we’ve said all of that, can Loki really just go ahead and ignore everything that happened? Remember that the Secret Invasion finale did technically create room for a more peaceful future between humans and Skrulls, plus feature both the end of Gravik and also the birth of a super-charged G’iah, who you can argue is now, by far, the most powerful person in the entire MCU. Is anyone really going to be a threat compared to her anymore?

We don’t think that Loki is going to make it a requirement to have seen Secret Invasion at all. However, we tend to think that there should be a few references here and there. It’s been clear for a long time that the Samuel L. Jackson would be out first, so nobody can fall back on the excuse that scheduling was an issue. The big thing is just that if Marvel really does want to make a big deal out of having these many shows and setting up such dramatic consequences, how can they then ignore them?

After all, think of it this way — it’s rather stunning how projects like Eternals and She-Hulk find themselves largely ignored. Even if you don’t like them, and even if you disliked the end to Secret Invasion, you can’t just ignore their existence. Otherwise, what’s the purpose of this universe at all?

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Is there anything that you especially want to see at the moment when it comes to Loki season 2 on Disney+?

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