ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 5, episode 23 preview: One last look at ‘The Human Factor’

CastleWhile we shared a series of pretty-funny videos for Monday night’s “Castle” season 5 episode over the weekend, we now have one that is at least somewhat serious when it comes to the hour’s central mystery: What exactly caused a drone to strike down a seemingly-innocent victim.

In the video below, we are introduced to a new character named Agent Guerrero, someone who makes his mission rather clear, which is to confiscate important evidence now, and try to deal with the consequences later. Since he is some sort of big-shot federal agent, we really don’t think there will be any consequences at all when it comes to dealing with the New York Police Department. He wants a car before their CSU team can examine it, and that is precisely what he will get.

Unfortunately, neither Castle nor Beckett seems to be getting much in the way of answers anytime soon. They are both going extremely strong right now as they work to solve the case, but continue to hit roadblocks time and time again courtesy of the government. Not even a pretty-appropriate “Men in Black” joke is enough to get any of these agents to budge, or divulge why they are taking this case effectively away from them.

What is your take on this “Castle” sneak peek, and do you think that there is going to be something involving this mystery that actually bleeds into the finale in some way? If you want to check out some of those aforementioned video peeks, just be sure to head on over to the link here.

Be sure to come back after the episode airs, because just as we always do we’re going to have a full review of everything that transpires.

Photo: ABC

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