‘Big Brother Canada’ interview: Chats with Topaz Brady, Talla Rajaei

EmeraldAs we continue along with some of the “Big Brother Canada” interviews from the backyard on Thursday night, we present to you a pair of houseguests that are particularly well-known from this season for a number of different reasons. You have one woman who was pretty much the life of the party the entire time that she was in the house, and then another who was more notorious for something that happened in the closing seconds of the episode.

We want to begin with Topaz Brady, mostly because we want to give a little context as per the interview. This was the last one that our interview group conducted of the evening, and it came after she had already been asked the same thing a million times by other outlets, which is something that was probably hard to do, considering the circumstances. Even when the subject was not even directly brought up, you could see how emotional she got talking about her friendship with Gary, and how much she really wanted to make him happy in the closing seconds of the episode.

Even with there being such a dark cloud of controversy over this finale, we tried as best we could to keep things light and fun.

As for Talla Rajaei, this was not exactly a difficult thing to do. Talla is pretty much light and fun 100% of the time (and not 150%, because that means apparently that it turns into a falsehood again), and she had some great commentary on the surprising end to the season, her strategy, and what she would do if she ever played again.

Thanks again to BB Canada Insider for filming these exit interviews, and in case you’ve missed some of the other interviews from earlier in the day, be sure to check out the backyard chats featuring the pre-jury houseguests, Andrew & AJ / Peter & Alec, as well as with the winner herself in Jillian MacLaughlin.

Photo: Slice

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