‘Game of Thrones’ season 3, episode 6 review: Jon Snow, Ygritte, and ‘The Climb’

Game of ThronesLast week on “Game of Thrones” season 3, there were a score of powerful moments, including Jon Snow and Ygritte finally hooking up, Jaime opening up to Brienne, and also Robb Stark making a very silly decision when it comes to wanting to visit the same man in Walder Frey whose daughter he was once promised to marry.

When it comes to story, what we were perhaps the most interested in seeing here was just what happened next when it came to the Lannister family. After all, Tywin proclaimed last week that Tyrion was to marry Sansa Stark, and Cersei was to be with Loras Tyrell. This story picked up this week with Olenna expressing no interest at all in letting Loras be married off to a woman that she proclaimed to be rather “old,” and he responded to her with a pretty nasty threat. Unless she allows Loras to marry his daughter, he will ship him into the King’s Guard, where he will never be allowed to marry.

While all this was going on, we had some fantastic Lannister craziness as Cersei and Tyrion had a heart-to-heart as to whether or not Peter Dinklage’s character was still in jeopardy of dying. The two may not love each other, but they do have a common goal in trying to find a way to escape their present hell. Sadly, it does not appear as though there is a way, and we are going to continue to see all sorts of trouble thanks to the revelation that rocked Sansa’s world when she was told that she will be marrying Tyrion.

Now, let us turn to some other assorted highlights from this episode.

Jon Snow – This episode was entitled “The Climb,” and for good reason. Jon Snow spent a good bit of time during the hour trying to find a way to scale a wall of ice, and how this is not a task that is easy to achieve. At times, this became extremely dangerous, and it was ultimately thanks to him that Ygritte even survived. The episode closed with the real sign that this is indeed a love story right now between the two: They looked at their accomplishment, and the fact that they achieved it together as a couple.

Robb Stark – Last week, Robb made a pretty terrible mistake in deciding that his best option was to pay a visit to Walder Frey. So was it? Things certainly aren’t looking great for him. Robb had to give in to a series of nasty demands in return for breaking his vow, and the issue is that he has to make certain that one of his men is willing to take the marriage vow he declined. Otherwise, say goodbye to this arrangement.

Arya and Bran Stark – Things are starting to heat up for the Stark siblings, as they each received some form of prophecy. When it comes to Bran, he found out thanks to Jojen Reed that Jon Snow was alive, but not in the place he was expected to be. Meanwhile, Arya was told by Melisandre that the two would meet again at some point and it doesn’t sound good.

Theon Greyjoy – We really don’t have any clue what is going on here. Has Theon been told the truth by his interrogator, or yet another lie? We don’t have any idea where this story is going, except for Theon losing a finger.

Jaime and Brienne – Finally, we turn to our favorite partners-in-crime. The good news is that there is a deal being arranged for Jaime to possibly return to King’s Landing. Unfortunately, it would require going without the woman who saved his life, which is something that he does not seem to be willing to do.

Overall, “The Climb” was more of a bridge episode than one we were meant to be shocked by. In the world of the story, we really are still climbing to some great things, which should be present in just a matter of weeks.

What did you think about this “Game of Thrones” episode? If you want to see even more scoop about “The Climb,” just be sure to hit up the link here.

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