‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2, episode 21 review: Is Peter Pan [spoiler]?

Once Upon a TimeSunday night’s “Once Upon a Time” certainly presented to us one heck of an episode. There was so much good stuff going on, and it showed yet again just how great of a shift there has been in the storytelling between this season and what we saw around this time last year. Remember Archie, Dr. Whale, and Red? None of them were to be found here, and we were instead treated more to the story of Baelfire, and the journey that he went on after fleeing his father and the fairy-tale world.

First, he traveled to London, where he ended up finding a new family with Wendy (yep, that Wendy) only to have it take away again. Was this “shadow” that he made a deal with actually Peter Pan? If so, this is the most evil Pan ever! Not only that, but this version of Neverland is rather sad, where children cry out every night for their parents. It is a sad, miserable experience, and one that Baelfire wanted to flee. In doing so, though, he ended up becoming a passenger on the ship of one Captain Hook.

In Storybrooke, the story for Neal Cassady was hardly better. Not only did he learn that Tamara was not who she was fessing up to be, but in stopping her and Greg from killing the Evil Queen Regina, Neal’s life was seemingly put in jeopardy. Tamara shot him, and then he fell into a portal to another world. The good news? We never saw him die, so we have to believe that he is still alive somewhere out there. The bad news? We don’t where. The even worse news? Tamara and Greg are still out to destroy magic, and they have the power now to completely rock Storybrooke to its core.

There’s really not too much else happening right now, especially when you consider that Mr. Gold seems preoccupied with Lacey, and Henry was really nowhere to be seen this week.

What did you think about this “Once Upon a Time” season 2 episode?  It you want to read some more news on the “Once Upon a Time” finale, be sure to head on over to the link here.

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