Harley Quinn season 4 trailer: Can Harley be a hero?

Harley Quinn season 3

The premiere of Harley Quinn season 4 is only a week away and yet, Max took this long to release a trailer. Is anyone else surprised? We know that there is a lot of awesome stuff ahead, but it starts with a somewhat controversial question: Can Harley really be a hero? Is it against the character’s intrinsic DNA?

We know that one of the critiques that has been out there already about the animated series is that Harley has moved too much to the side of good after being such an iconic character since Batman: The Animated Series. However, can’t characters also still evolve? In the trailer (click here), you see Harley don a new costume and try to fit in with some of the other crime-fighters including Nightwing and Robin, but realizes soon after that she doesn’t quite fit in. For one, they do have that pesky rule against quitting.

At this point, it feels clear to us that Harley is never going to be some ultimate do-gooder. Also, everything is complicated further by her relationship with Ivy! We don’t exactly see these two splitting up either, and that is another big component to what we have within this show at this point. Harley has to reconcile these different parts of her life.

In the end, our big Harley Quinn season 4 prediction is that through this story, the title character will realize that she is not a typical hero or villain and in the end, that’s okay. Why do you have to fit into a box? She is crazy and chaotic and violent and yet, she also doesn’t want to commit countless crimes. She wants to protect Gotham at times but at others, torment those who are causing it harm. This show is trying to do something nuanced!

Of course, we also think there will be a lot of laughter along the way. After all, this is Harley Quinn we are talking about here!

What are you thinking we will see in Harley Quinn season 4, based on the trailer?

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(Photo: Max.)

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