‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 8, episode 23 preview: The hunt for the locket

How I Met Your MotherOn Monday night’s “How I Met Your Mother” season 8 episode, Robin is going to be taking a serious look into her past … specifically in the form of a locket. What does it mean? The answer to that is ultimately pretty simple: It is representative of a much earlier time in Robin’s past and something she wants included in her wedding to Barney.

As the sneak peek below from “Something Old” shows us, Robin visited New York City (complete with a get-up suited more for a young boy) many years ago with her father, and she in secret buried the treasured necklace in the ground in hopes of digging it up someday so that it could be the “Something Old” in her wedding. (Personally, we love the fact that Cobie Smulders is even playing the child version of her character.) Obviously there has been a good bit of time that has passed since then, but Robin has been able to make so many of her dreams come true. With that in mind, the locket is now once again needed.

Robin visits the park again in the present-day with her dad (who hilariously looks about the same), and she needs his help in order to find it. The problem? He seems to be slightly preoccupied with the fact that he actually has a potential son now in Barney, and he is spending most of the time with him talking on the phone, goofing off and referring to him by funny nicknames such as “B-Dog.” (Yes, this is totally happening.) The two are taking off to play laser tag, and they are both looking forward to it.

Want to catch a video of this laser tag in action? If so, all you have to do is check out the video over at the link here.

Photo: CBS

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