The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon teaser: The Eiffel Tower?

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon season 1

Now that we know that The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon is airing on AMC on September 10, doesn’t that make ever teaser even better?

At the moment, it feels reasonably clear to us that the network is using two things primarily in promotion of this spin-off — the unique French setting, plus of course Norman Reedus. What else do you need to do? The whole story seems to be about the title character trying to find his way back home after mysteriously turning up in Europe, and a lot of these previews make the show look like one of the most demented tourism guides out there.

In the latest one per Entertainment Weekly, we actually have a chance to see the Eiffel Tower — or, at the very least a version of the Eiffel Tower where the top of it has been torn up. What in the world did that? This is another reminder that for everything we know about the zombie apocalypse, there are also a number of things that we do not. Every country and culture has likely dealt with this in its own way. This is obviously not the circumstance in which someone would want to see the iconic landmark and yet, this is where Daryl is.

In order to complete his mission, we imagine that Daryl will have to rely on a good bit of what he’s learned over the past few years in order to work his way through. That includes meeting a lot of new people, utilizing his acquired social skills, and also find a way to survive at all costs. We do hope that most of the story is focused around him; while the aforementioned Dead City has had its fair share of good moments, it also has deviated a little too much from Negan and Maggie when they are the two stars of the show. With seasons this short, we really think you can focus on the leads more than ever.

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