‘The Newsroom’ season 2 spoilers: Take a look at the story ahead

The NewsroomAs someone who absolutely loved the first season of “The Newsroom,” Sunday, July 14 cannot come soon enough. This is when the series returns to HBO with new episodes, and a story that will have a very different sort of feel to it. Unlike the first season, which tackled more individual news-based issues within the thin skeleton of a narrative, the story this time around will have a much more overarching feel to it.

In the video below, executive producer Aaron Sorkin teases that the characters are going to slowly prepare for a deposition in a wrongful termination lawsuit that is going to hold some rather huge implications for their careers. If the wrong thing happens, could McAvoy and pretty much the entire Atlantis Cable News staff end up losing their jobs?

So what is going to happen to some of the other major characters this season? Sorkin teases that there will be more tension between Will and Mackenzie, but he will continue to be held back somewhat thanks to the fact that she cheated on him years ago. Meanwhile, Sloan and Don will continue their own flirtatious ways, and Jim is going to hit the road covering the Mitt Romney campaign as a way to steer clear of some of the romantic angst that plagued him for much of the first season.

Perhaps the most devastating storyline of the year involved Maggie, mostly because Sorkin teases that she is set to potentially lose everything in the new season. This is sad for her, but a nice change given that her sort of character is usually just given cheery storylines with happy endings and love interests at every turn.

Is there any one thing you are looking forward to seeing specifically from “The Newsroom” season 2? Be sure to share your thoughts below! Meanwhile, you can see some of what Jane Fonda has to say about her return to the series over at the link here.

Photo: HBO

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