NBC’s ‘The Voice’ rankings: Judith Hill, Sarah Simmons lead Adam Levine’s team

Adam LevineNow that we are finally at a point on “The Voice” where we can start to really get to know who all of the contestants are, we can kick off what has always been a favorite part of covering the competition: Ranking some of the favorites! There are some pretty excellent contenders this time around, whether it be in R&B, country, rock, or some other genre.

If there is one general statement we would make, though, it is that Adam Levine clearly has the edge. He has a singer who auditioned near the end of the blinds that has become a favorite, and he also has a pair of heavily-hyped vocal titans. Adam’s team may be all ladies, but he is continuing the tradition this year of the women on singing shows completely dominating over the men, and this year he is hoping to bring the show its second straight female winner.

The rankings

4. Caroline Glaser – A very good young singer, but unfortunately someone who is just on a team that may not give her much of a shot. She’s not going to beat Sarah or Judith in the public vote thanks to air time alone, and she will be likely at the mercy of Adam, who was not her original coach, to decide her fate.

3. Amber Carrington – While Amber is in a similar situation, Adam’s strong belief in her will likely carry her through to the top two. If you are going to get rid of our beloved Midas Whale for someone, it had better be someone with the potential to go far!

2. Sarah Simmons – A vocal powerhouse, and someone who was stamped the favorite almost from the moment she auditioned for the show. While we don’t know if we would write her into the finale yet, she is going to have a very good shot at lasting here for a few weeks.

1. Judith Hill – Meanwhile, Judith should be prepared for the long haul so long as there are no catastrophes along the way. Not only is she a fantastic, innovative, and a completely dynamic performer in her own right, but she also likely has a voting block of Michael Jackson fans to boot. She is going to be very tough to beat this season, and if we were ranking all of the teams together (which will start next week), she would be at the very top of the list.

Who is your favorite off of Adam’s team? Be sure to vote in our poll below! Meanwhile, you can also check out some highlights from the knockout rounds over at the link here.

Photo: NBC

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