‘Mad Men’ season 6, episode 6 preview: Don and Roger’s waiting game

Mad MenIf you look back at “Mad Men” season 5, there were a few episodes that you considered to be critical installments for some of the characters involved (“Commissions and Fares,” “The Other Woman”). However, the hit AMC show still feels in some ways as though it is lacking that big moment to get viewers excited beyond just giving commentary on events, which is what we saw from the episode last week shaped around the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and the panic it created.

Sunday night’s new episode at least has a title that seems to be appropriate for a “Mad Men” classic in “For Immediate Release,” and it also suggests, based at least on the photo here, that Don Draper and Roger Sterling are going to spend some time trying to do some of what they do best: Make moves on big clients. We would almost be okay at this point if we had a good 25% more of the episodes themed at work, given that this is where Don really shines over sleeping around or talking with Megan.

Speaking about Megan, we will have yet another scene this week where he is (ugh) out to some sort of fancy dinner with her. This is becoming a pattern, though it may also be in some ways very much a reality given that the two are pretty wealthy at this point, and each have careers that are exciting by most standards.

Also in this episode will be the continuation of an interesting Peggy Olson story, though this is really all we can say about that right now.

Do you feel like “Mad Men” season 6 is desperately searching for that watershed episode? If you want to see what creator Matthew Weiner has to say about the show’s eventual end, just be sure to head over to the link here.

Photo: AMC

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