‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 4 spoilers: Candice Accola on Klaus, Caroline, Originals

Candice AccolaThis is a busy time to be a star of “The Vampire Diaries,” especially when one of the characters that you are tied to is about to spin off to their own project. This is the situation that Candice Accola currently finds herself in. There’s no question that Caroline Forbes is a popular character, and there are also plenty of people hoping that she has a shot to be with Joseph Morgan’s Klaus. The problem? Oh, there are so very many. For one, Klaus is a bloodthirsty murderer who killed her boyfriend Tyler’s mom, and has also terrorized Mystic Falls for the better part of two years. The upside? He’s brooding and mysterious! Translation: We understand the allure of Klaus, but at the same time we get why Caroline has not been so interested in making a move to be with him.

In previewing the episodes ahead, Accola sat down with E! News to explain first and foremost just how blindsided that her character is going to be by Klaus’ sudden decision to take off to New Orleans, seemingly for good. Also, there’s that little wrinkle in that Klaus’ character is going to be expecting a child with Hayley:

“Now that The Originals has turned into its own separate show, so Klaus will be living in New Orleans. Caroline will find out that he’s gone, but she doesn’t know why … She doesn’t know he’s going to be a dad. She doesn’t know any of this information.”

Accola promises that there is going to be a few more Klaroline moments that take place before season 4 comes to a close, but also teases that at the end of the day, she’s actually rather glad to see that Klaus is getting a unique storyline coming up with such a drastic change at the center of it:

“I knew they wanted to explore a spinoff and I thought this created such a beautiful platform: For one of the oldest vampires in the history of our mythology to all of a sudden have the most human experience of becoming a parent, and especially because there’s so much family legacy and issues between Klaus and [his siblings]. That’s all they really wanted and they’re actually going to get a chance to do that.”

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Photo: The CW

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