Jack Ryan season 4 episode 5, 6 spoilers: The series finale

Jack Ryan season 4

Next week on Prime Video, you are going to have a chance to see not just Jack Ryan season 4 episode 5, but also episode 6 — otherwise known as the final chapter of the John Krasinski series.

Why is the Tom Clancy adaptation ending after four seasons? You can argue with how well the show performs on the streaming service, it could have stuck around for a few more years. However, Krasinski himself is an extremely busy guy with work as both an actor and director. Meanwhile, streaming shows in general never tend to last for some extremely long period of time. This feels like a way to end the show on a high note. Also, there is still a chance at a spin-off, though not a lot has been said on that for a while … and things could remain quiet until we get to the end of the writers’ strike.

So what can you expect to see over the remaining episodes? There’s no real need to paint some super-complicated picture here, as Jack Ryan will be fighting for his freedom, his future, and even his survival. Everything that he learned through the first three seasons is coming down to this moment. The action and the stakes are going to be higher than ever as the writing further examines what it really is to be an American hero in the year 2023.

At its core, you can argue that this idea is a part of what makes Jack Ryan as a series special. Sure, there may have been people around the title character who may have doubted him, but we’ve always felt like he had the best of intentions at heart. This was never the issue here. Instead, it was more about how the character could handle an extremely difficult set of circumstances that were thrown at him, especially since doing so was not going to be easy no matter how you framed it.

Now, we just have to wait and see how this saga ends … but we are still fairly optimistic that a good ending here is coming.

What do you think is going to come at the end of Jack Ryan season 4, and the series outright?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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