‘Britain’s Got Talent’ review: Meet Alex Keril, MckNasty, and Thomas Bounce

Britain's Got TalentAnother week has passed on “Britain’s Got Talent,” and once again, there was a myriad of acts to hit the stage, whether it be singers, dancers, people with cheesy names, and a cross-dressing duo that we never saw coming.

As we near the end of the audition phase, though, we do have to wonder whether or not we have really seen enough acts that could end up becoming the grand-prize winner. We have yet to see an Ashleigh & Pudsey, a Spellbound, or a Susan Boyle (even if she didn’t win). This may be good for competition, but it’s not so great for buzz.

Bosom Buddies – After this lengthy, triumphant introduction of people making their dreams come true, seeing a cross-dressing man in a mustache was worth it’s weight in gold. The shocking part of this was that they were not necessarily terrible. They weren’t exactly great either, but thanks to lower expectations they were treated like the most magnificent thing of all time by the audience.

Martin and Marielle – As we said in our preview piece earlier on in the day, we don’t think that there is any better way to describe these two performers except for them being completely and totally out of their mind. It’s a mix of acrobatics and dance, and there really is nothing else that we have ever seen quite like it.

Shockarellas – In the absence of any amazing dance crews this season, these five hip-hop ladies are probably going to have to do the trick. They have great personalities, and we can at least use that to try and root for them in the rounds ahead.

J-Unity – This duo of singers was pretty cool, but major points taken away for having quite possibly the least original name of all time. After their performance, Simon Cowell will likely sue them.

MckNasty – The brother of a popular man in dance music (Labrinth), we appreciate that this guy really took to the show in an effort to prove that he has some significant talent of his own.

Thomas Bounce – Hooray, a juggler … and a very outspoken one at that! We know that these people traditionally don’t fare very well on the show in the long-term, but it at least gives us more variety.

Alex Keirl – In closing the show, we had the first guy in years to wrap up the show with a touching audition to “Bring Him Home” from “Les Miserables.” Alex has a soft but lovely voice, and you have to consider him right away now to be a genuine contender to go very far on this show.

Who was your favorite act from “Britain’s Got Talent” this week? If you want to check out some more highlights from the season, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: ITV

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