‘Hart of Dixie’ season 2 finale spoilers: Cress Williams hopes for Zoe/Wade reconciliation

Hart of DixieOn the last episode of “Hart of Dixie” season 2 we saw a very emotional Zoe Hart make a decision that many of us have made (or thought of making) when in that state of mind.  After going out on numerous bad dates and pouring her heart out to George Tucker only to be rejected, Zoe found herself on Wade’s doorstep looking for some comfort. Is it the way Zoe/Wade shippers were hoping that these two would reconnect?  Probably not, but the fact that Zoe is willing to be physical with Wade again is a good start on the road to forgiveness and possibly reconciling their relationship.

One person who is rooting for Zoe and Wade to find their way back to one another is Cress Williams (who plays Lavon on the CW series). His character is very close with both Wade and Zoe and Williams tells Zap2it that if Wade’s character can grow up a little bit then he has a real shot at making things work with Zoe long term. He said:

“I think he will [grow up]. I think so. I like them both. As a fan, I like the characters so much. They were cute when they were together. Even though it was the opposites-attract thing, I thought they were cute. She brought out the best in him; he loosened her up as well. I’d like to see them back together, but I want to see him grow up.”

As for Lavon’s relationship (or non-existent relationship at this point) with Lemon, Williams says that he knows the fans are still ultimately shipping for Lavon and Lemon to get together, because that was the relationship the fans were first introduced to, so women may come and go in Lavon’s life, but there is only one Lemon Breeland. Are we going to see Lavon and Lemon reconnect by the end of “Hart of Dixie” season 2? Probably not, but if the fans have their way then Lavon and Lemon will definitely be the end game for this series.

Do you think that Zoe and Wade will start their relationship up again now that they’ve spent the night together, or was it just a moment of weakness and comfort for both of them? Now that George is single, do you want to see him try and pursue something with Zoe? Leave us a comment and tell us what you want to see happen to Zoe concerning her love life and if you want more spoilers for the “Hart of Dixie” season 2 finale then be sure to check out our story here.

Photo: CW

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