‘The X Factor’ USA rumors: Brace yourself for more Cheryl Cole gossip

X FactorThe British press just cannot seem to leave Cheryl Cole alone, especially when it comes to talking about her possible return to “The X Factor” USA even though no one in America has even brought up the possibility.

For this latest bit of rumor-spreading, we turn to a new report from the Independent, who claims that Simon Cowell is “eager” to bring the former Girls Aloud singer back to the show, even though he previously replaced her with Nicole Scherzinger a few days into taping for the show’s first season. This move turned out to be a complete disaster on all fronts ans the tabloids waged war with Cheryl and Simon, and Scherzinger proved to be a disaster on this judging panel. She was ironically pretty great on the British version of the show this past summer, likely because she did not have her boss sitting next to her and breathing down her neck.

We don’t know how else to say this: There’s a better chance of Simon going back to “American Idol” than there is of Cheryl coming back to this show. Why would she return to a place that already dismissed her once? Wouldn’t she be afraid that it would happen again? Plus, the main name that rumors are floating around is Kelly Rowland (who was a judge for a season in Britain), and the final new addition to the panel is likely to be a man, given that this would preserve the balance of the panel. We don’t necessarily expect there to be any music superstar this season, since the show has to save a little bit of money following the Britney Spears debacle.

What do you think of the latest Cole rumors? If you want to read about reigning champ Tate Stevens’ current record sales, be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: Fox

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