FX’s ‘The Americans’ finale review: Did Paige learn the truth about Phillip and Elizabeth?

The AmericansOn the season finale of “The Americans” the cat and mouse game between Claudia and Elizabeth is heating up after she requested Claudia be reassigned. Later Claudia is shocked to find out that the KGB is actually going to reassign her, but agrees to finish the assignment even though she says the Colonel is a set up. She suggests that Elizabeth and Phillip be taken off this mission, but her contact is not listening.

When Phillip goes to pick up the kids,Elizabeth suggests that he stays for dinner and after he leaves and everyone goes to sleep, Paige has a bad dream and goes to her mom’s room only to find her missing.  When she sees her mom come out of the basement with a lame excuse of doing laundry in the middle of the night, Paige is skeptical.

Now that Nina has admitted to her government that she is a traitor she is fearful of being sent back for trial, but instead they decide to use her to turn Stan against the Americans and work for the KGB.

The FBI knows that the KGB has been recording high level conversations from government officials and have also discovered where they go to pick up the recordings. After a discussion between Elizabeth and Phillip it is decided that Elizabeth will be the one to go to the meeting with the Colonel and Phillip will be the one picking up the recording and if something goes wrong it will be Phillip that will take off with the kids for a “weekend vacation”. Unfortunately for Elizabeth, Phillip has other plans and sneaks off to meet with the Colonel, leaving her to do the pick up.

After talking to Stan, Nina tells her boss that she thinks the Colonel is a set up and he marks cars and sends them out to abort the mission, not realizing that the recording pick up is the actual set up. Phillip meets with the Colonel and he tells Phillip that the “technology” is so far advance that they probably wouldn’t get it together even in the next 50 years and that really this is just a space race. Finally Claudia sees the cars marked “set up” and breaks up the meeting, but they quickly realize that it’s Elizabeth that is in trouble.  Phillip gets to Elizabeth in time, but the FBI sees him grab her and they chase after them.  Phillip and Elizabeth are able to shake them and she suggests that they take the kids on that “weekend trip” anyways and Phillip realizes that she’s been shot.

Claudia arranges for a doctor to remove the bullet and Elizabeth and Phillip will be staying in hiding with the KGB for a while as she heals, so he asks Stan to watch the kids. Elizabeth asks Phillip to come back home and he agrees, but back at home Paige decides to investigate the basement… will she discover their secret?

What did you think of the finale for “The Americans” and do you think that Paige is going to figure out their secret before her parents return home?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you hope to see on season 2 of “The Americans”.

Photo: FX

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