‘Big Brother Canada’ spoilers: Who was evicted, and who’s in the finale?

Big Brother CanadaOn Wednesday night’s “Big Brother Canada” episode, we had what was definitely the beginning of the end. There were noticeable cracks in the Emmett / Jillian showmance, a major decision to be made, and proof that farmers can also dominate math-related challenges. All in all, it was a heck of an entertaining hour of TV that put us back in the mood for the finale, mostly because it’s a little more exciting now that there is some dissension in the ranks.

So when was it that Jillian started to realize that Emmett was playing his own game? We really think it was the moment that he accidentally let it slip that he has a final two deal with Talla. Then, there was the conflict about who to evict. She wanted to keep Talla, whereas Emmett wanted to keep Gary. Really, this was all about him trying to work with someone who he thinks is the most likely to take him to the end.

The only thing that was really surprising about the Veto Competition? That despite winning practically everything this season, Jillian did not win it.

As for the eviction, Emmett actually did an interesting thing. He talked to Talla in advance letting her know things to try and soften the blow, that way she would not go to the jury house and say all sorts of horrible things about him. We don’t really know if production likes this to happen all the time, but here it created a pretty sweet moment.

What was interesting was that this moment created an even bigger divide for Jemmett, since she was apparently upset that she did not get to do this with Andrew last week. This led to her trying to do a little bit of jury sabotage on her part, and Jillian “rethinking” what she wants to do. The real winner her? Gary, who got to console her at the end of the day.

The end of this episode was really a hilarious game of people trying to one-up each other, with Emmett then trying to get the jury vote by giving her Dan’s bracelet. He went through with his word and evicted Talla, and she was at least resigned to her fate by the time she left.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, we will be at the finale on Thursday night. Want us to ask one of your questions to the houseguests? Click here more more details.

What did you think about this “Big Brother Canada” episode? If you want to take a look at who the jury members are likely going to vote for, be sure to head on over to the link here.

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