‘Hart of Dixie’ finale spoilers: How big of a Zoe / Wade story will we see?

Hart of Dixie CastTypically when you have a couple finally get together on a scripted TV show after a great deal of buildup, the general reaction of fans is to slowly and surely take the foot off of the accelerator. However, this was not even remotely the case when it comes to the second season of “Hart of Dixie.” Instead of things starting to cool off between Zoe and Wade after he cheated on her with a groupie, but their chemistry built to the point that they quickly became one of TV’s most-beloved couples.

Then, there was the breakup, which certainly had a good many fans weeping in despair, but with what we saw at the end of Tuesday night’s episode, and the promo for next week’s finale certainly leaves the door open the possibility for plenty more drama coming our way soon. There will be a chance for Zoe and Wade to make things good between the two of them again, but it all comes down to whether or not she is really ready to have that happen after the whole cheating incident.

Speaking to TVLine, executive producer Leila Gerstein did not necessarily confirm anything when it comes to a full-on reconciliation between the two, but it remains very clear from her standpoint that these two do still have plenty of story left to tell on the show:

“[The breakup] was never intended to be the end. It is a long series [and] we expect to do many, many, many more episodes of this show.”

Well, the recent pickup for a third season suggests that there will be plenty more opportunities to do just that in the fall, and we just have to hope now that there will be a little bit more promotion to go along with it.

Do you think Zoe is going to end season 2 with anyone in particular? If you want to read some more “Hart of Dixie” scoop related to the finale, you don’t have to look any further than the link here.

Photo: The CW

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