How I Met Your Father season 2: Is Sid leaving New York?

How I Met Your Father season 2

Following tonight’s How I Met Your Father season 2 episode, should you be worried about Sid leaving New York? We understand the concern and yet, that doesn’t mean it is actually happening.

Let’s start off here, though, by addressing what we saw tonight. Close to the conclusion of the episode, Suraj Sharma’s character made the decision to consider moving to Los Angeles. That was never a part of the plan for him and his long-distance wife, but he loves her and realized that they would never agree on every little thing. With that in mind, he made a decision that could change his life forever.

With all of this being said, though, we’re still not altogether sure that this is going to happen. For starters, we still think Sid is still in play as a possible endgame for Sophie, and there are a ton of people who ‘ship the two online. Also, Sharma is a major part of the show and it’s hard for him to stay that way on the West Coast. Hannah moving to New York would be the only way for their marriage to work logistically within the show and for now, even that seems reasonably unlikely for a multitude of reasons.

Also, there are still some questions surrounding Caitlin Thompson’s character of Taylor, who Sid was clearly bonding with on a deep level via text. We’re not sure Hannah is fully aware of any of that, and we wonder if that could eventually cause some problems.


It does still feel like Sid and Hannah are roughly on borrowed time. We don’t think that Hannah is a bad character or this is a Meredith 2.0 situation; instead, it’s just two people who are clearly living very different lives and their marriage is the only thing they have in common.

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