Yellowjackets season 2 bonus episode: A hint at fall air date?

Yellowjackets season 2

As so many of you may have heard at this point, there is a Yellowjackets season 2 bonus episode coming … and of course we’re stoked!

Now that we’ve said that, there are other questions to think about here, including the ever-present one regarding an air date. We want to see this installment coming at some point later this year, and there may be some evidence out there of it happening.

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So what are we looking at right now? Well, think in terms of a social-media post the official account put out at the end of last month: “Enjoy your summer, we’ll still be out in the cold.”

Now, it’s possible that this is just a reference to the fact that the characters on the show are still in the thick of winter; or, at least that was the case at the end of season 2. Can you argue that this is some sort of sign, though, that the bonus episode could air on the other side of the summer … perhaps in the fall? We wouldn’t rule it out!

Ultimately, it seems like the idea is to have this episode bridge the gap between season 2 and season 3, and we do think that late fall / early winter is the best time to air it. There is also a chance that it could be tied to some sort of specific holiday for a little bit of extra fun.

As sad as we were that season 2 of the show was only nine episodes, we do like this idea of having something more to talk about for the next little while. There will also be plenty of time to think about season 3 on the other side of it airing.

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When do you most want to see the Yellowjackets season 2 bonus episode?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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