Ted Lasso spin-off: How long will we wait for news?

Ted Lasso season 3

Based on where things stand at the moment, it feels like the odds are pretty high that we could get a Ted Lasso spin-off at some point. As much as the season 3 finale tied up loose ends, there were also some ideas planted in there. The most obvious one revolves around a women’s team at AFC Richmond, and such a show would allow us to see Keeley, Rebecca, Higgins, and potentially a few other familiar faces here and there. (Of course, we’re speculating based on some of where things stand at present.)

So is there a chance that we could get a little bit more news on this subject in the near future? That would obviously be great, but we know that there are no guarantees.

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The expectation that we have at the moment is pretty simple: We won’t hear a lot more over the rest of the year. Multiple people associated with the show have said that they would be open to something else, but everyone wants to take some sort of a break. Remember for a moment here that season 3 took a long time to produce, write, and film. A lot of it was due to the episodes being so long. This is exhausting work.

Also, remember that for the time being, the writers’ strike is still going on. Until that is over, it is also pretty impossible to think too much about what the future of the show could be. Hopefully, the WGA is able to land a fair agreement for future generations of writers, especially since they deserve to have a measure of stability and chances for advancement. Good things come to those who wait, and we are okay with waiting for more news on Ted Lasso.

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What sort of spin-off do you most want to see within the Ted Lasso world?

Go ahead and let us know right now in the comments! Once you do just that, remember to come back around for all sorts of other updates.

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