Ted Lasso season 3 episode 12: Juno Temple on Keeley, Roy

Ted Lasso season 3

We know that there are some questions people still have after the Ted Lasso season 3 finale, so let’s focus on a big one. Who is Keeley meant to be with between Jamie Tartt and Roy Kent?

Admittedly, we were surprised that this question was somewhat-unanswered by the end of the finale, mostly because from our vantage point, the answer has been fairly obvious for a while. Keeley and Roy have such a natural chemistry, and we would argue that their relationship is one of the best parts of season 2. Roy clearly wanted it back at the end of season 3, but we got the sense that Keeley wanted 1) some time to breathe and also 2) Roy to have a chance to really work on himself. We saw him speaking with Dr. Sharon at the end of the finale, so he is taking some steps in the right direction.

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Speaking to Deadline, Juno Temple herself made it clear that Keeley probably feels like Roy is “the one,” so maybe that is the solace we’ll have to take for now. She also had the following to say in regards to the trio of Roy – Keeley – Jamie, which was messy at the end of the season but had nice moments along the way:

… I think that that triangle is also an incredible support system that actually, hopefully, they’ll all be in each other’s lives forever.

Personally, we think Jamie will be able to find someone else in due time, and some of his feelings for Keeley are due in part to everything that they have gone through together. They can still always love each other, but that love can evolve.

Could we see Keeley in a spin-off?

We are not personally ruling it out, largely because of how this season ended with her suggesting a women’s AFC Richmond team to Rebecca. It remains to be seen if this idea ever launches into a full-fledged series, but we are 100% curious.

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Do you think that Roy and Keeley eventually end up together after Ted Lasso?

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